I Want Flower Coffee


Few days ago, I saw this Buzzfeed Video titled: People Try Flower Coffee. And I was freakishly jealous!



All the drinks look so cute and so good and so sweet. I want it, too! But the problem is, the place that is called Bia Coffee is located in Los Angeles, USA, while I’m half a globe away in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ugh!

The question is: Flower or No Flower?

Flower, please. I LOVE coffee and I like flowers. Coffee is life and flowers are beautiful. So, the combination of flower and coffee would be a beautiful life. Who wouldn’t want to try that?

I want to try all the stuff that they tried. Cold Brew Rose Coffee, Ice Lavender Latte, Rose Appleade (I don’t even know what that is), and Rose and Lavender Cake! They are all served with edible flower decorations. And they all look so pretty! Huff… I would definitely definitely prefer edible flower than the hyped up edible gold.

When they tried all of those too good to be true stuff, they looked so satisfied and I could only watch them in envy. “THAT’s fucking crazy.” “That taste like a ROSE!” “I feel like sitting in someone’s Instagram.” “I feel so fancy I just ate a rose petal.” Okay. Okay. Okay. Tell me about it!

My first encounter with flowery dish was when I was in Edinburgh a few years back. I went to a tea place called Anteaques. I had an amazing scone with clotted cream and rose jam (it was an actual delish!) . The scone was great, the clotted cream was light and the rose jam was super delicious. I was so impressed with the jam that I bought a jar. After that I haven’t had any flowery dish anymore. Oh, I had a tea and lavender cake one time in Singapore. But Lavender didn’t really impress me much, though. So, lavender was kind of okay.

I have been fascinated with the taste of rose, but it’s hard to find rosy dish in Indonesia. Well, it’s not hard to find, it is just currently non-existing (I guess, if anybody know something please do tell me). Which is odd, because we have a lot of rose in here and there are also some ‘culture’ that eat flowers (if you’re Indonesian, you’d know what I mean), but we don’t really explore it that way. It was quite mystical :P

So, watching that video made me drool! I saw on yelp that the place is so famous right now, and it’s one of the L.A. Instagram all-stars place. These are the photos that I took from the yelp page. (I’m sorry I couldn’t credit the owner one by one)

I wish that maybe, just maybe, the words will spread and there will be branches around the world, including Jakarta. Or maybe someone in Jakarta would be inspired by that and open up a store. You don’t expect me to explore it myself and try to recreate it, right? Well, I did browse some rose syrup recipe on the internet. But, you know, I am just too unbelievably lazy, not to mention incompetent with recipe. Feel free to use this recipe ;)

Please for anyone who read my post, who hear this cry for help, recreate those and tell me. I can’t afford flying up to L.A. anytime soon. So, invite me to try. Please?



2 thoughts on “I Want Flower Coffee

  1. you forgot that we ate ispahan rose cupcake back in SG too you know
    (the one that we spent ages lurking the shop in Bugis)
    I think it was not bad too

    1. oh yap, that one! I forgot that ispahan is some kind of rose. It was nice.
      Trus jadi mau lagi. Hvft.

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