Many shades of blue in front of me From teal to navy Speckled of white, brown, purple, green And every blue you have never before seen   Warm sands and cool water When waves crawling up the shore Embrace my body to the centre And I float in the middle of the ocean Weightless But … More Heaven

Bunga Putih

Hamparan pasir putih tidak pernah seindah itu Deburan ombak tidak pernah sesyahdu itu Senja merah tidak pernah semerekah itu Namun, air mata ini menitik bukan karena itu Perpisahan selalu menyesakkan dada. Bungaku gugur layu, Bunda Jatuh terlunglai jumat lalu Bunga putih yang semerbak itu Kutemukan di antara kerumunan ilalang Saat ikut berpendar bersama kunang-kunang Menghiasi … More Bunga Putih

You Are My Poetry

Day 25 of 30: Think of any word. Search it on google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image. I have to admit that I am cheating for this post. I think of a word ‘Palace’ and images of palaces came up before me. I couldn’t write anything inspired by it, but I remember … More You Are My Poetry


The sun plays hide and seek Shy away Hiding between the leaves. Its flickering rays Escaping between my fingers   And I hear the chirping of birds The flowing river The gurgling water near the spring. Like the sound of little girls giggling Looking at this lost beautiful strange thing.   Alone, there, he wanders … More Shine

Dalam Sunyi

Kunikmati lagumu Dalam sunyi Dalam bisik sayup Yang dikatakan angin Kepada dedaunan Yang membuatnya Gontai berjatuhan Kunikmati nadamu Dalam sunyi Dalam petik gitar Merambatkan gelombang Berpadu huru hara Langkah kaki Kunikmati puisimu Dalam sunyi Dalam desir nadi Yang teraliri Detak-detak kehidupan Yang membuatku tuli Kunikmati kamu Dalam sunyi Saat bumi berputar Dalam sunyi Saat bintang … More Dalam Sunyi

What Do You See?

I saw a prisoner I saw a sinner Trapped under a frozen lake   I saw bottomlessness Of dark Unsolved maze   When wave was crashing down her feet I saw her sitting by the sand and drown Drenched in saltwater   I saw tears Reflected by the sunlight By the window pane   ‘What … More What Do You See?

Growing Old

What’s hidden beneath that wrinkly façade? The long hand of time, wrap around you so tight, Hiding everything that once stood on your surface. Most of it covered, unrecovered. Pose a riddle to be deciphered. It spins so fast in each blink you lose. It’s not worth fighting. The more you detach it you bruise. … More Growing Old