Thumb Exercise

My laptop has been so problematic lately. In this recent month to be exact. Ar first the screen broke, I could only see less than half of it which highly unfunctional. Then, I got it fixed, but the keyboard malfuntioned. Could not type a single character, which means I couldn’t even log in. Well well well. In her defense (my laptop is pink so I think it’s a girl), she is already so old, like almost 5 years old. Poor thing, and poor me because I can’t afford to replace her (yet).

So, while waiting for my laptop to be fixed, I’m trying to post from my phone. And as I suspected, it’s very tiring. Not to mention the typos!! My thumbs are having a good exercise right here. Also, I couldn’t get a good view of my post. I predict that after the long agony of typing this blog post with only two thumbs, the word count would only be as much as… meh.

Okay, I give up! This is the most that I can do. There is soooo much blabbering that I still want to tell, but it’s too tiring. So…


Till next time!


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