Over-planning people

I do overthink and sometime — juuust sometime — I tend to over-plan. But I’m not that crazy over-planning people who forecasts 30 years of my life in the future. Well, I know the phrase “you reap what you sow” and realize that if you want to be comfortable in your old age, you have to work hard while you’re young. But, actually, there are too many variables that you just can’t foresee.

We’re living in a very complex world where our lives are all entangled whether we realized it or not. I mean like a labor protest in Mexico could cause a market breakdown in China then affect Indonesian trade as well, I mean who knows what will be when they will be?

When I over-plan about my life, I feel stressed out. All that I’m feeling was being left out, being lagging behind everyone else. I don’t feel secure, either, less be happy. Then, when I realize that there’s something lacking in my planning, I felt so stressed out I genuinely want to turn back time.

Now, I don’t do that anymore. And I also avoid that kind of people, especially when they’re ‘criticizing’ the way you live your life. Some criticize the way I choose my career and mostly they criticize the way I earn and spend my money. I mean, it’s money, it’s not a value I can control. I’m not a stock broker. “You should start to buy a house before the price rise unreasonably and you wouldn’t be able to get a certain living zone.” or “start to save for your children’s education, it’s damn expensive” and I’m not even married, or “start investing on something, you will need passive income in the future.”

Oh my God! Please stop with this future talk! It takes away my happiness of the now. (This is where insurance company get in, I guess)

I see myself as a responsible adult. Even though I’m not exemplary, I feel like I’m doing fine. I’m not drown in debts, I don’t have any shopping addiction, I don’t do drugs nor alcohol, I never break any major laws and I’m a good citizen. I mean, what more can we be?

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Inflation, currency meltdown, booming property (these are all phrases that I made up and I know they didn’t exist except for the inflation.) I can’t prepare for those, I think it’s the government’s job to regulate them, isn’t it?

And, who knows, maybe in another 10 years there will be an alien invasion or maybe people are flocking to go to Mars or I don’t know, Dinosaurs came back to life? We can’t predict all that force majeur, right? (Don’t say that they wouldn’t happen! Nothing is impossible, guys)

Just be your best version of the now. Be kind and be humble. Life will always throw you curve balls. That’s the only thing that we can be sure of. But life also throw us crazy good surprises, too, sometimes. We just need to be grateful enough to realize it.

And stop talking to over-planning people! They just want to drag you to their stresses.



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