The Right Words

I see you’re aching

and I really really really want to

make you feel better

Even when I know I couldn’t

Even when I know nothing could


I want to say the right words

words as warm as hugs


Because you’re there in the dark

somewhere out of my reach

crying your eyes out

weeping your heart out

from the hollow that crept to swallow you



I believe peace will find you

Since you’ve been so strong

So incredibly, astoundingly, exceptionally strong


And I want to say the right words

To let you know that

To let you feel that


But now I see you aching

and my heart is breaking, too

Still, I can’t find any word to reach you

Dessy Farhany


Do you know the feeling when someone you really care about is terribly broken-hearted? The agonizing ache for your incapability to make them feel better. That’s bad, is’t it?

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