Thumb Exercise

My laptop has been so problematic lately. In this recent month to be exact. Ar first the screen broke, I could only see less than half of it which highly unfunctional. Then, I got it fixed, but the keyboard malfuntioned. Could not type a single character, which means I couldn’t even log in. Well well … More Thumb Exercise

Reading Slump

It’s the end of Q1 and I have only read 1.5 book(s). The one book that I finished was “The Artemis” by Andy Weir. I was planning to read his “The Martian” before, but I decided to read this instead. Not that satisfied but not disappointed either. The other half-read book is “In Search of … More Reading Slump


A short conversation that I was having with my friend. Me: OMG I need a facelift Her: Why? People call me Ibu!!! (Ibu: a reference to older woman in Bahasa Indonesia. Which can also be translated as Mother) lol, people call me ibu, too I think it’s the age thing huftness (Referring to the age … More Radioactive

First Sunrise

As I walked in the morning, embracing the new dawn of 2018. I watched the first sunrise of the year. I breathed in as I pictured the life that will be facing me, the battle that I will be fighting in the future and I said, “Okay, 2018. I dare you.” And the morning was … More First Sunrise

2017 Highlights

For me 2017 has been the year of rejections and heartbreak. The first time since many years that I again experienced anxiety attack. 2017 has been a year of an uphill battle. I don’t mean to whine (and I just did. lol), but through all disappointments and failures, I feel like I have learned a lot … More 2017 Highlights

Adab dan Teknologi

Akhir-akhir ini sering urut dada kalau dengar berita. Di sini ada yang bunuh diri di sana juga ada yang bunuh diri. Di sini ada yang depresi di sana ada yang gangguan jiwa.  Kok bisa ya? Sudah se-tidak bahagia itu kah hidup? Tapi bukan itu yang lebih parah, menurut saya. Semakin kesini saya semakin ngerasa kalau … More Adab dan Teknologi