Hello, who is this?


Hi, my name is Dessy Farhany.

I am bespectacled.

I love words and stories.

I read books and daydream. Believe me, the life that I have inside my head is waaay cooler than my real life. Because, in there, I have dragons and ride rocket ships! (alert: you could get some serious space-sick and nauseous while riding a rocket ship, though)

When I was younger- in my teens, I thought that I could conquer the world. But then, yeah, the older-me is even too tired to conquer my morning alarm. However, I am always a teenager at heart, which means that I still have some hope in conquering the world, right?

I am always searching for magic. Not the kind of magic you could find in Hogwarts, but more like magic in chemical reaction- like being drugged without the drugs. I guess that sounded so wrong, but try to see it from different perspective, that should sound more… acceptable(?)

Maybe now you’re going to say, “She’s such a nerd!” Well, hey! You’re welcome to my tribe!


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