Many shades of blue in front of me

From teal to navy

Speckled of white, brown, purple, green

And every blue you have never before seen


Warm sands and cool water

When waves crawling up the shore

Embrace my body to the centre

And I float in the middle of the ocean


But not senseless


The water cradles me softly

Rocking me gently to wave frequency

I’m dissolving

And the ripples carry my pieces

My knots untangling

My every atom splitting, drifting to every corner


I’m here and there

I’m owned yet I’m free

Then every answer unrequired

And every reason becomes resonance

A pure bliss unknown



That happen in a split second when

You close your eyes while

Taking your deepest breath

Of air that fills your chest with content

And that split second stretches to



Dessy Farhany


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