A short conversation that I was having with my friend. Me: OMG I need a facelift Her: Why? People call me Ibu!!! (Ibu: a reference to older woman in Bahasa Indonesia. Which can also be translated as Mother) lol, people call me ibu, too I think it’s the age thing huftness (Referring to the age … More Radioactive

First Sunrise

As I walked in the morning, embracing the new dawn of 2018. I watched the first sunrise of the year. I breathed in as I pictured the life that will be facing me, the battle that I will be fighting in the future and I said, “Okay, 2018. I dare you.” And the morning was … More First Sunrise

2017 Highlights

For me 2017 has been the year of rejections and heartbreak. The first time since many years that I again experienced anxiety attack. 2017 has been a year of an uphill battle. I don’t mean to whine (and I just did. lol), but through all disappointments and failures, I feel like I have learned a lot … More 2017 Highlights