My Travel Bucket List

I’m not an avid traveller or even a travelling person. I feel quite happy to be staying in one place, actually. But still, there are a few places outside my country that I wanted to explore.

  1. Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem

Petra, Jordan

Egypt for the pyramid. Well, yeah of course. But, Egypt is one of the earliest civilization in Human History. And it has a big role in the history of Abrahamic religion outside of the middle east.

Jordan for Petra. Yes, I really want to see Petra, the beautiful red stone building. It looks oh so magnificent and I wonder how it feels like to see it up close. It looks so ancient and regal at the same time. I haven’t looked up deep into the history, though. But I bet it should be interesting.

Jerusalem for The Holy City of Jerusalem. Too bad that the last dispute happened regarding this city which has caused many turmoils in many countries. But I really want to see the intrigued city, where people have been fighting over it for centuries.


  1. Nepal and Bhutan

Maybe for most people who travels to Nepal, their main purpose is the Everest. I do like trekking and being in the nature. But, if I go to Nepal just to see the cities and its people, I’d consider the trip a success. There something about Kathmandu that is very intriguing. It’s ancient it’s almost mystical.

As for Bhutan, there is a Ted-talk that I watched about climate neutral country (or climate negative, in this case). Climate Change is something that I am passionate about lately and to see how Bhutan (from that Talk) is seriously addressing the issue is captivating. I have been planning to post about it for a long time. I don’t know why I haven’t done that. But, I will post it. I will.


  1. Greece (Crete and Santorini)
Santorini, Greece

This list is quite recent actually. I have never really interested in Greece eventhough It has been known for its exquisite beauty. I blame Gavin Menzies for writing The Lost Empire of Atlantis. A great book, an investigative research for the Atlantic Civilization. He investigated the Minoans trading route from Greece to Egypt and India. He described the historical records concisely. He even described how the museums and monuments are like in Crete and Santorini.

I am sold. I really think that I need to see them myself.


  1. The Trans-Siberian railways
trans siberian railways
Trans Siberian Express

Well, well, it also began from a book. It was a biography of the Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport called Four Sisters. The biography is based on their surviving letters. I really love how the story flows. I feel like the author was actually present in their times that she could describe everything so clearly.

In Russia, I want to see the Alexandre Palace and other historical castles. I want to see how the Romanovs lived (not that interested in their executions, though). And as for the railway, it will be great to stop at Mongolia, since I heard about its antique history, too. Well, I watched a Korean Drama about the last Han-Mongol Empire. After that I looked up Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire up to that era. It’s interesting. But how about the nowadays Mongol? I want to see myself.


So, those are my bucket list (currently). Come to think of it, my travelling drives come from cultures and history. I think that I always find sentimental values in antiquity. Maybe that’s why I enjoy museums.

Anyway, let’s see how long will I be able to tick all the list off. Not that long, I hope.

Wish me luck!



First Sunrise

As I walked in the morning, embracing the new dawn of 2018. I watched the first sunrise of the year. I breathed in as I pictured the life that will be facing me, the battle that I will be fighting in the future and I said, “Okay, 2018. I dare you.”

And the morning was cool. It was breezy from slow-paced wind that blanketed my body. It felt so relaxing since I usually out for a run, that every morning feels warm and fast. Then, the golden pinkish hue was disolving to the blue morning sky, reflected by the greyish clouds and formed an abstract pictures of tinge of colors. It looked so warm, made me imagined a smiling old lady I often met in my neighborhood.

Then, I took back my words. No, I don’t want to dare you, 2018. I have a feeling that we can be good friends. So, “hello, I welcome you.”

2017 Highlights

For me 2017 has been the year of rejections and heartbreak. The first time since many years that I again experienced anxiety attack. 2017 has been a year of an uphill battle. I don’t mean to whine (and I just did. lol), but through all disappointments and failures, I feel like I have learned a lot from it. I learned that most of the disappointments came from myself, I learned to understand myself better, and most importantly, I learned to fall.

I’m still looking for a place where I really belong. All of my life I have been living like a fish out of her tank and for once I feel like I’m so close to the ocean. Close enough to feel it, but still tooooo far to reach it. I really can’t wait to dive right in.

Anyway, I really can feel that things will get better and everything is going to be just fine next year. My friend said, “when you have been through the worst, what worse can happen?” There will only be good things, right? Hopefully. Hopefully.

Well, these have been my highlights of 2017.

  1. A major heartbreak. *sniff
  2. I revisited my spiritual side. I had a chance to perform my first umrah.
  3. I revisited my love for writing and made it as a way to cope with my sadness and anxiety.
  4. I developed new good habits; waking up early, exercising, and eating healthier food.
  5. I lost weight. Yeayy… But I still have plenty of kgs to kill.
  6. I met so many good and inspiring people that motivates me to be better.

To close this year, I gave myself some gifts. I might post about it in my later post, but I don’t think it will be soon.

This year, I am especially grateful for my family and my friends, which has been part of my support system that kept me stay functioning. I’m grateful for my heartbreak, too. I know I am still a mess right now, but when I pull through, I will come out as someone new. Someone better.

I don’t have resolution for 2018, but I do have plans. There are some things that I want to launch on early 2018. I would post about it, too, of course. Wish me luck and love for the new year. Wish you all, too, the same. Let us be fearless together, let us grow into beautiful, beautiful soul.

*sigh* Goodbye 2017.

And bring it on 2018! Please show me the way to the ocean.

You Can Only Want So Much

You can do silly things when you’re in love. Even dream of crazy things of wanting to be something else.

Oh, those times. Those times.


Nope, it isn’t me. I am not the one in love.

It is one dear friend of mine. She sent me a screen capture of a facebook post and texted, “He’s back.” The picture was a collage. The first one was the ‘he’ with a few friends sitting in an Asian  restaurant. The second one was the arrangement of the table when they feast on the meal.

But on the second picture, there were two hands side by side that each wore rings. That his friend commented: “I saw two people wearing rings, I thought you were engaged.”

And he replied to the comment: “hahahaha, nope…. I’m just engaged to Wagyu Beef.”


The next day, I met my friend. We continued on the topic of him. She seemed torn that apparently, he has not yet contacted her of his return.

She told me with a heavy sigh, so heavy it could move mountains. “I want to be Wagyu Beef.”

I swear I burst out laughing. Just because an insubstantial line, she wanted to be Wagyu Beef. It was so silly, wasn’t it? Ridiculous, even.

And, I envy her.

Adab dan Teknologi

Akhir-akhir ini sering urut dada kalau dengar berita. Di sini ada yang bunuh diri di sana juga ada yang bunuh diri. Di sini ada yang depresi di sana ada yang gangguan jiwa.  Kok bisa ya? Sudah se-tidak bahagia itu kah hidup?

Tapi bukan itu yang lebih parah, menurut saya. Semakin kesini saya semakin ngerasa kalau musibah seseorang itu menjadi drama (hiburan) untuk orang lain. Dengan mudahnya akses komunikasi sekarang ini, setiap orang bebas aja gitu nimbrung ke masalah orang lain (terus gimana mau bahagia?). Bukan hanya itu saja. Sekarang, media seperti foto dan video mudah banget untuk disebar sehingga jadi viral. Seringkali hal yang viral tersebut justru banyak nggak baiknya.

Baru-baru ini, mungkin sudah banyak yang dengar musibah tentang dua orang kakak beradik yang bunuh diri dengan cara loncat dari sebuah unit apartemen di Bandung. Video yang menggambarkan detik-detik kematian mereka sudah menyebar kemana-mana. Dan nggak hanya satu versi saja loh! Kebetulan (dan menyesalnya) saya sempat lihat, saat ayah saya menunjukkan video tersebut yang dia dapat dari group whatsapp-nya. Beneran, habis itu saya menyesal banget nontonnya, bikin merinding. Saya nggak kebayang, gimana kalau yang ada di video itu adalah salah satu anggota keluarga saya. Pasti pilu banget hati keiris-iris.

Dari video-video yang beredar itu, jelas banget kalo yang nontonin kejadian itu banyak. Apalagi hari masih terang, orang-orang pasti masih banyak yang mondar-mandir berkegiatan. Dan dari sekian banyak orang yang melihat di lokasi, apa yang beberapa dari mereka lakukan? Merekam kejadian itu! (Kayak nggak ada hal yang lebih baik yang bisa dilakukan) Semacam kejadian tersebut adalah momen yang harus diabadikan, kayak pertunjukan sulap atau konser. Memang sih, akhir-akhir ini jargon no pic hoax itu kental bangetdi dunia perinternetan Indonesia. Tapi, apakah pantas hal tersebut direkam? Diabadikan dan di sebar? Continue reading “Adab dan Teknologi”

Road Traffic And Jinx

I think living in an environment full with superstitious culture does not make me a superstitious person. At least I don’t think I am. I guess…

People, especially elders, around me always tell me something superstitious such as not to sit in the doorway for that will cause you difficulties in finding a spouse, or make sure that the floor is cleaned thoroughly while sweeping  otherwise you’ll get a dirty bearded husband, or not to take pictures in three or not to sharpen your pencil too short or etc etc. I take those as a fun supplement, something that could be entertaining but not to be taken seriously. But when elders told me to, I would do it just in front of them, just to make them happy.

But there is one superstitious thing that I don’t exactly believe but I still hold on to it. It is something related to road traffic. We, Jakartans, have this love-hate relationship with road traffic. We hate it so much but we can’t help it that it happens ALL THE TIME! Our city has the worst traffic ever. Guess the expression is slowly turning into fact. (Don’t jinx it!) Continue reading “Road Traffic And Jinx”

Cancelled Plan

I love elephants. To go see elephants will always bring out the childish pleasure in me. There is something about them that attracts me. Probably, it’s their fluffiness and their intelligence that is kept underneath those layers of fat. But for me, just to be able to meet them and interact with them will make me ecstatic.

Last Easter holiday, I planned to visit the Elephant conservatory in Way Kambas, Lampung. I have been there three times and can never get enough of it. But, one thing led to another, the plan was cancelled. The last time, I went there was in 2013, which is almost 4 years ago. And after I came back from studying abroad in 2015, I have always planned to go there but the plans never meet their fruition. The last week plan was the most solid plan that I had, and the fact that it was also cancelled was quite upsetting. It was inevitable, though, but still I couldn’t help feeling bummed.

I had already pictured how it would be. I got to meet those baby elephants which are no longer babies anymore. Like, an orphaned elephant that I met the last time, named Yeti. She was a few months old when I met her, and now she must have been 4 years old. I wonder how big she has grown. And also another babies like Sugeng and Kelud, they must have been cheeky toddlers by now. I also remember the nice female elephant who smiles a lot named Karmila and the old lady who never get close to anyone named, Dona. As well as the naughty boys who always fight for bananas. Oh, how I miss them… and all the other elephant family members. I bet there are some new additional members that I have lost track. I love how they all have their own stories, not much different than observing people. Continue reading “Cancelled Plan”