First Sunrise

As I walked in the morning, embracing the new dawn of 2018. I watched the first sunrise of the year. I breathed in as I pictured the life that will be facing me, the battle that I will be fighting in the future and I said, “Okay, 2018. I dare you.”

And the morning was cool. It was breezy from slow-paced wind that blanketed my body. It felt so relaxing since I usually out for a run, that every morning feels warm and fast. Then, the golden pinkish hue was disolving to the blue morning sky, reflected by the greyish clouds and formed an abstract pictures of tinge of colors. It looked so warm, made me imagined a smiling old lady I often met in my neighborhood.

Then, I took back my words. No, I don’t want to dare you, 2018. I have a feeling that we can be good friends. So, “hello, I welcome you.”


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