2017 Highlights

For me 2017 has been the year of rejections and heartbreak. The first time since many years that I again experienced anxiety attack. 2017 has been a year of an uphill battle. I don’t mean to whine (and I just did. lol), but through all disappointments and failures, I feel like I have learned a lot from it. I learned that most of the disappointments came from myself, I learned to understand myself better, and most importantly, I learned to fall.

I’m still looking for a place where I really belong. All of my life I have been living like a fish out of her tank and for once I feel like I’m so close to the ocean. Close enough to feel it, but still tooooo far to reach it. I really can’t wait to dive right in.

Anyway, I really can feel that things will get better and everything is going to be just fine next year. My friend said, “when you have been through the worst, what worse can happen?” There will only be good things, right? Hopefully. Hopefully.

Well, these have been my highlights of 2017.

  1. A major heartbreak. *sniff
  2. I revisited my spiritual side. I had a chance to perform my first umrah.
  3. I revisited my love for writing and made it as a way to cope with my sadness and anxiety.
  4. I developed new good habits; waking up early, exercising, and eating healthier food.
  5. I lost weight. Yeayy… But I still have plenty of kgs to kill.
  6. I met so many good and inspiring people that motivates me to be better.

To close this year, I gave myself some gifts. I might post about it in my later post, but I don’t think it will be soon.

This year, I am especially grateful for my family and my friends, which has been part of my support system that kept me stay functioning. I’m grateful for my heartbreak, too. I know I am still a mess right now, but when I pull through, I will come out as someone new. Someone better.

I don’t have resolution for 2018, but I do have plans. There are some things that I want to launch on early 2018. I would post about it, too, of course. Wish me luck and love for the new year. Wish you all, too, the same. Let us be fearless together, let us grow into beautiful, beautiful soul.

*sigh* Goodbye 2017.

And bring it on 2018! Please show me the way to the ocean.


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