Celebrity Crushes

Day 20 of 30: Post about three celebrity crushes


1. James McAvoy

Becoming Jane made me fell in love with him. Oh yes, that smirk. I don’t know what to do with it.

james mcavoy
James McAvoy for OUT Magazine October 2014.

I, first, noticed him as Mr. Tumnus the Fawn in The Chronicle of Narnia I. But, maybe as a half-goat I didn’t find him attractive enough. Even though, Mr. Tumnus is one of my favorite character in Narnia, because he was so nice.

I haven’t watched many of his movies, but so far my favorites are Becoming Jane, Penelope (it is my favorite movie, too), Atonement. But in my opinion, his strongest performances were in Filth and Split. Well, he is more than just a face, I assure you. He got skill. His Glaswegian Scottish accent sounds very adorable on him, too. Do you realize how blue his eyes are? If you stare at them for too long, you might be drowned in them. Just be careful. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


2. Matthew Gray Gubler

First time I saw him was on Criminal Minds. I just started to follow the series after the 9th season, because that’s what we had on our (then) new cable TV service. He played as one of the FBI agents, called Dr. Spencer Reid. Reid was described as a geeky genius person. He was awkward and sometimes troubled, since he had Asperger’s syndrome.

ABC Studio's "Criminal Minds" - Season Ten
Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid

I actually had a crush on the character first before the actor. After watching a few episodes, I started to look the actor up on the internet, Matthew Gray Gubler. He turned out to be (in my opinion) as weird as Reid, maybe even weirder, but in totally different way. I, then, followed his twitter and Instagram where he posted silly stuff about himself or how weird he acted and stuff. I couldn’t help my grin seeing that. I find it very adorable.

I saw him on the miniseries of The Beauty Inside where he played in an episode as the handsome version of Alex. The episode is called ‘It Has to be Tonight’, where Alex asked Leah for a date in a museum. That episode inspired me to write this short story.


3. Jimmy Lin

My first ever celebrity crush.

jimmy lin
Jimmy Lin in ca. 1994

I used to watch Chinese (including Hong Kong and Taiwanese) movies as a kid, since that was what we got on TV. Especially, the shaolin kung fu ones, Shaolin Popey, where there was this cheeky troublemaker boy called, (popularly in Indonesian) Boboho. That little kid was very famous among Indonesian children in that era. Until, now, I never knew his actual name.

Jimmy Lin appeared in some of the franchises. But I could never exactly pin down in what movies he was exactly in, because I don’t remember. Besides, back then, I wouldn’t care that much (there was no internet, either). As long as it is on TV and I could watch it. I didn’t even know his name until a few years later, when I started to read teen magazines. I just knew him as the Big Brother from the Shaolin movie.

shaolin popey
The Shaolin Popey Squad!

Jimmy Lin set the definition of attractive in little-me dictionary for many years after. Whenever there was a movie that he’s in on TV, I will be on the front row and no one was allowed to change the channel.

What a life :)


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