My Travel Bucket List

I’m not an avid traveller or even a travelling person. I feel quite happy to be staying in one place, actually. But still, there are a few places outside my country that I want to explore.

  1. Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem
Petra, Jordan

Egypt for the pyramid. Well, yeah of course. But, Egypt is one of the earliest civilization in Human History. And it has a big role in the history of Abrahamic religion outside of the middle east.

Jordan for Petra. Yes, I really want to see Petra, the beautiful red stone building. It looks oh so magnificent and I wonder how it feels like to see it up close. It looks so ancient and regal at the same time. I haven’t looked up deep into the history, though. But I bet it should be interesting.

Jerusalem for The Holy City of Jerusalem. Too bad that the last dispute happened regarding this city which has caused many turmoils in many countries. But I really want to see the intrigued city, where people have been fighting over it for centuries.


  1. Nepal and Bhutan

Maybe for most people who travels to Nepal, their main purpose is the Everest. I do like trekking and being in the nature. But, if I go to Nepal just to see the cities and its people, I’d consider the trip a success. There something about Kathmandu that is very intriguing. It’s ancient it’s almost mystical.

As for Bhutan, there is a Ted-talk that I watched about climate neutral country (or climate negative, in this case). Climate Change is something that I am passionate about lately and to see how Bhutan (from that Talk) is seriously addressing the issue is captivating. I have been planning to post about it for a long time. I don’t know why I haven’t done that. But, I will post it. I will.


  1. Greece (Crete and Santorini)
Santorini, Greece

This list is quite recent actually. I have never really interested in Greece eventhough It has been known for its exquisite beauty. I blame Gavin Menzies for writing The Lost Empire of Atlantis. A great book, an investigative research for the Atlantic Civilization. He investigated the Minoans trading route from Greece to Egypt and India. He described the historical records concisely. He even described how the museums and monuments are like in Crete and Santorini.

I am sold. I really think that I need to see them myself.


  1. The Trans-Siberian railways
trans siberian railways
Trans Siberian Express

Well, well, it also began from a book. It was a biography of the Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport called Four Sisters. The biography is based on their surviving letters. I really love how the story flows. I feel like the author was actually present in their times that she could describe everything so clearly.

In Russia, I want to see the Alexandre Palace and other historical castles. I want to see how the Romanovs lived (not that interested in their executions, though). And as for the railway, it will be great to stop at Mongolia, since I heard about its antique history, too. Well, I watched a Korean Drama about the last Han-Mongol Empire. After that I looked up Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire up to that era. It’s interesting. But how about the nowadays Mongol? I want to see myself.


So, those are my bucket list (currently). Come to think of it, my travelling drives come from cultures and history. I think that I always find sentimental values in antiquity. Maybe that’s why I enjoy museums.

Anyway, let’s see how long will I be able to tick all the list off. Not that long, I hope.

Wish me luck!




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