Four Seasons (2 of 4)


Summer (Resonance)

The tears in your eyes,
Like magic, it resonates.
You, resonate.
Beneath the sea,
Deep and dark like magic,
Through my veins like poison,
Pounding that aches my breast.

I hear you softly breathing,
Sleeping, like the cats so gentle.
Or are you whispering?
Are you whispering, to the tree?
The old tree of the forest, where winds are colored,

Majestic like the queen,
Of the witches on the mountain.
With a thump it bursts,
All the green sparks she treasures the most,
Her solemn pride,
Dark and freezing sparks that took away my might.

Green colored wind that carried my soul,
My heart from the past.
Have you seen it? Have you heard?
Of my journey?
To you.
Did it reached you?

Scent of dry air, dust in the summer.
The smell of wooden floor that creaked underneath my feet.
It’s cold.
Is it not?
When those eyes of yours,
I am resonated.
I am evelated.


Dessy Farhany


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