Reading Slump

It’s the end of Q1 and I have only read 1.5 book(s). The one book that I finished was “The Artemis” by Andy Weir. I was planning to read his “The Martian” before, but I decided to read this instead. Not that satisfied but not disappointed either. The other half-read book is “In Search of Schroedinger’s Cat” by James Gribbin. I just started reading it less than a week ago. Well, it’s a tough book.

The reading slump is so bad this time. If I can give some excuse, I was away for almost a month for a job and my head was occupied with job hunting as well. So, reading was somehow unattractive to me. I was too anxious about my situation to enjoy reading. On the other hand, this slump made me feel so unproductive that it adds up to my anxiety. Either way, it’s bad. I don’t know any English phrase that best describe the situation. But, as the Indonesian proverb says, “as if eating the Simalakama fruit.” I guess it is a fictional fruit (and I don’t even know for sure whether it existed in real life with different name). Because, when you encounter it and you don’t eat it, your dad dies, but if you do eat it, your mom dies. Funny proverb, don’t you think?

That is why I think that I should do more writing. So, I decided to do 30 days writing challenge, in which I have to regularly post some writing for 30 days about some decided topics. My friend gave me the list and I thought those wouldn’t be much of a trouble because all the topics are about me. Lol. Hopefully, the reader wouldn’t be that annoyed with my constant self-centered post.

I wish it will help me get a sense of productivity, at least for the next month (which only two days away). Maybe I could even get some inspiration from that. Most of all, I hope it will improve my writing.


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