10 Things that Make Me Really Happy

Day 1 of 30: List 10 things that makes you really happy

Basically, what makes me really happy is when I feel inspired or accomplished. And I found a way to break it down into 10 points. The list is not necessarily in order. But, the rule of thumb is that, if lists are created at random, the first things mentioned are usually the dearest to heart.

1. Good stories.

Good stories always inspire me. Whether it came from books, movies, songs or even from some people telling me. I personally can’t define what makes good story. Maybe, it’s good when I feel related to it or there is some warmth and satisfaction that comes with it. Or it could possibly be from the way the story is told. But good stories always make me feel tingly with feels and opened with new insights.

2. Appreciation

I have to admit that I like praises. When someone praise and appreciate my works, I feel like I’m doing the right thing. Especially when it comes from a firm opinion. I mean someone who actually understand what it is that I’m asking. For instance, I have a friend who loves literature but is so hard to please. When she praised my writing, I was so satisfied because I felt like cracking a tough cookie. I hope that I could be appreciated deeper, in a way that my work (any work) will positively impact more people better. So that I feel like what I am doing is actually worth something, I don’t feel like just wasting my life around.

3. Quality time

I am not much of a people person, I am more of a Person person. If that makes any sense. To me, mingling or socializing with tons of people is near to useless. Social activities, parties easily drains my energy. But when it comes to one-to-one conversation (not necessarily one to one, but with small group of people) with someone, I feel much more comfortable. Since nowadays, it’s a little hard to meet people like that, due to tight schedule and other stuff. So that when I get a chance to have some quality time with my favorite people (my family and my close friends), I feel very happy.

4. Good conversations

I think it follows the previous point. But in my opinion, you can have a good conversation anywhere, sometimes at some place that you don’t expect. I went to a friend’s birthday party once (he wasn’t much of a close friend so we didn’t really share the same circle of peers) and there were many ‘strangers’, enough to make meI felt very uncomfortable. But after a few songs and drinks and some empty chitchat, I ended up having a conversation with a girl I just knew. We were talking about life! And I was hooked by the conversation that we kept on talking and we even shared phone numbers after that (I know it’s common, but sharing phone number on first casual meeting is kinda awkward for me :P).

5. Get my targets achieved

I currently have some targets for myself like losing weights, land on a good job, and finish a writing project. If there are some signs of progress in each one of them, I always feel very very happy. Maybe because I feel accomplished. Once, I felt that the day was perfect and I rushed to my backyard garden just to feel the grass and the warmth of the sun after I finished a chapter of one of my writing projects. Hmm… I haven’t felt like that for a while now.

6. A love letter

I am not so sure about this, though. I never really received a love letter before. I grew up seeing my uncle exchanging letters with his girlfriend, so it might be hardwired in my brain of that’s how people should do romance. And series that I watched back then, books that I read back then about love stories mostly involve letters. And I wrote letters when I was a kid and I really liked it that I collected different designs of papers and envelopes. Nowadays, there is the internet to do the romance. People don’t really compose ‘letter-like’ messages anymore. Just a few lines conversations, which I don’t have a problem with, actually. But maybe, if somebody sent me a love letter, I might be very happy.

7. When I’m feeling confident

I was an awkward and a shy kid. Confident was such a faraway language to me. I don’t find it easy to get to the point of confidence where I am right now. I always had something about me that holding me back, whether its’s about my physique or my ability. So now, whenever I feel good about myself, about how I look or about how I do stuff, I always feel very happy about it.

8. Finishing a project

I am told that my kind of signature is a sign of a person who never finished what they started. Because nonsense stick to my brain, I felt cursed and I still couldn’t ignore that. It bothered me so, because I have so much things in mind that I want to finish. Whenever I finish a personal project, I always give myself a pat on the back. Because I feel like bit by bit I break the curse. But overall, finishing a project is always satisfying, isn’t it?

9. A good me-time

I take my me-time seriously. I am at the moment when I am not really busy and don’t really meet with people. Even so, I still think my me-time as something of importance, because good me-time get me feeling energized and charged. I love my reading at a coffee shop time or writing at some café time. I wish I could have more a walk in park time. Since, Jakarta don’t have a park worth walking! (At least proper enough to satisfy my me-time requirement).

10. Good jokes told by the best goof

It’s not hard to make me laugh. I can take any range of jokes from the classy one to the most rubbish jokes ever. People like that are called ‘receh’ in Indonesia, which basically means small change, and I am proudly one of them. But jokes that makes me laugh out loud it hurts my stomach could really make me very happy. Especially when it’s told by the best goof. And I am thankful that I am surrounded by the best goofs.



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