You Can Only Want So Much

You can do silly things when you’re in love. Even dream of crazy things of wanting to be something else.

Oh, those times. Those times.


Nope, it isn’t me. I am not the one in love.

It is one dear friend of mine. She sent me a screen capture of a facebook post and texted, “He’s back.” The picture was a collage. The first one was the ‘he’ with a few friends sitting in an Asian  restaurant. The second one was the arrangement of the table when they feast on the meal.

But on the second picture, there were two hands side by side that each wore rings. That his friend commented: “I saw two people wearing rings, I thought you were engaged.”

And he replied to the comment: “hahahaha, nope…. I’m just engaged to Wagyu Beef.”


The next day, I met my friend. We continued on the topic of him. She seemed torn that apparently, he has not yet contacted her of his return.

She told me with a heavy sigh, so heavy it could move mountains. “I want to be Wagyu Beef.”

I swear I burst out laughing. Just because an insubstantial line, she wanted to be Wagyu Beef. It was so silly, wasn’t it? Ridiculous, even.

And, I envy her.


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