Breathe (Song)

Another day. Just believe.
Another day. Just breathe.
I’m used to it by now.

Breathe is a song by a French band called Telepopmusik. If you’re a 90s kid, you might know them. The song was launched in early 2000. I don’t know much about genre, but I am sure the song is somewhat techno. I remember in early 2000, bands that experimented with techno sounds were starting to get major. The song has relaxing ambience to it. Well, it is called ‘Breathe’. It has been my favorite song ever since.

Just recently, I heard a cover of this song, in a mall somewhere. I didn’t realize it was Breathe cover until it almost ended. The song was very upbeat, and once again I don’t know what kind of genre that is, but I love it! You can say that I’m currently addicted to it. After hearing it a few times, I noticed a Balinese Gamelan[1] element in it, which makes it more eclectic. It turned out that the song was released in 2012 and the band that covered it was an Australian band called, New Navy. But, too bad, the band disbanded few years ago.

I especially like the lyrics. It was about getting back up. It was about how to overcome sadness and dealing with anxiety. It opens with some misfortune at the beginning of the song, adding a little background to the story. Then it escalates to acceptance then constantly moving in with the theme. Just breathe. Just believe that there’s still another day. So, just breathe. If you can breathe well, it means you’re alive and healthy, and that’s more than good.

Anyway. when you’re feeling down, you might want to listen to either of these versions. If you want to relax and just chill while enjoying some drinks, listen to the original version. But, if you want to move and dance, the cover version is great.

Breathe – Telepopmusik


Breathe – New Navy (cover)


[1] Indonesian traditional musical instrument


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