Game of Thrones: Rhaegar Targaryen

Yes, I am a Game of Thrones fan. If you’re like me, welcome to new misery of 2 years long wait until next season. Huff. But, I think it will be worth it, though, since HBO has been delivering killer show so far. So, let the long wait begins.

Anyway, what I want to highlight the most is the appearance of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen! (It genuinely took me years to correctly spell ‘Targaryen’ without cheating) I can say he’s my favorite character as of late (since, Rob Stark and Oberyn Martell were brutally killed off), plus he’s already dead, so I would not be depressed if George R.R. Martin killed him off (not sure, though).

Why he’s my current favorite character in Game of Thrones right now? Because, the author presents him in layers upon layers upon layers, just like peeling an onion.  His character is never directly described. It was always through someone else’s opinion. Some who harbors deep resentment towards him and some keeps him in loving remembrance. Isn’t it a genius way to present a character?

Honestly, I still can’t put a stand on whether I think Rhaegar is a ‘good’ character or ‘bad’. I can only say that he’s intriguing. What we can be sure of is that he cared about the White Walker’s return but he also caused the end of his house as well as the collapse of Westerosi politics. First of all, he was described as a great but ruthless fighter. He was thought to kidnap a lady from a noble house (Lyanna Stark) and raped her after he ignored his legal wife that caused her humiliation in a prestigious tourney. The statement made his image even worse. But then, the former Kingsguard who served in his father reign said all good things about him (Barristan Selmy), ‘Rhaegar never liked killing, he loved singing’, even his little sister was surprised by this, because all she ever learned of his late eldest brother is that he was similar to his late father, The Mad King. So, I thought that he might be a good prince but the incest blood got him crazy somehow like some previous Targaryens before him. Then, it turned out that he didn’t kidnap Lyanna, he married her secretly and they had a son. He loved her and she loved him. Okay, then. He’s probably a hopeless romantic but still an asshole for leaving his wife for no clear reason (so far). Then, we know more about him reading a prophecy of a three headed dragon. He thought that the dragon is his 3 children, but his first wife can only bore him 2 children. There might be something more behind his annulment, then. What else can we learn about him? How is the real Rhaegar Targaryen?

See? Layers upon layers! Then the showrunner decided to put a face on him, the most talked about person in town, and suddenly I’m obsessed! Lol.

Mixed reaction is seen from the fans. Some approve of it, just like me, and some don’t. The negative reviews are mostly because the character is dressed like Viserys or the character is not ‘handsome’ enough (well, in the book, Rhaegar is described as super handsome). Before a face was put on the show, Rhaegar fan-arts are circling around the internet. Most of them depict him with long silver hair, similar to Legolas, the elf character in The Lord of The Rings. In the show, they cut the hair a little shorter exactly like Viserys’ hair style. I seriously don’t have a problem with that, I mean, they’re brothers in a royal house, there is a good chance that they are styled alike. Imagine if Rhaegar, Viserys and Danaerys took a family portrait! Silvery cuteness.  But then, look at the Stark boys, if the age gap is not significant, they will most likely look cloned (this is a definite exaggeration, but point taken, right?)

Others might have Littlefinger’s trial, Jamie’s walkout or even the boat sex scene as their highlights of the 7th season finale. But, the brief part where they show a glimpse of Rhaegar Targaryen was mine. Overall, the episode was super dope. I can’t wait for Season 8 and I am so hoping for ‘Keeping Up With The Targaryens’ :)




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