Laugh Out Loud

Day 28 of 30: Post five things that makes you laugh-out-loud

This is difficult! I can’t pin down what are things that make me laugh-out-loud. I laugh at about any random things. But I will try, anyway.

1. My brother and my dad

My father and my youngest brother have very similar personalities. Too similar that they fight a lot. Like a lot! Little things make them fight, yelling at each other and telling each other how they have been wrong. It started since my brother was in junior high (he’s in university, now), every morning right when my dad tried to wake him up, there will be a fight. My brother would get so upset, he started crying and my dad got so impatient he started yelling. But if other person tried to wake my brother up, that chaos did not happen. They have impossibly high-sensitivity towards one another. Their fights were always unreasonable up to the point that instead of being the source of annoyance to the rest of us, it became the source of joke where we could really laugh out loud seeing them at each other’s throats. After the fight they made up quickly just like best bud again. The weirdest thing is, my youngest brother is the closest to my dad than his other siblings. Sigh, they just have the world of their own.

2. Empty conversation with my friends

Sometimes, my friend and I always joke about how ‘substantial’ our conversations are. We do talk about real substantial things sometimes like world peace and education (I’m giggling writing this). But most of the time we just talk trash, we wonder “why we always talk about empty stuff? We should talk more about politics. So, how’s your opinion about the president?” But, we never really meant it. It always ended up being a joke of its own. Mostly it ended up being a make-believe. We usually pretend to be some scholars or royals or some influential people. “I have such genius idea to solve our poverty problem. I should win a Nobel Prize.”

3. Comedy

Duh! That’s what comedy is meant to in the first place, isn’t it? I don’t have a favorite comedy show, though. Shows always has its time, especially the Indonesians. I don’t think any shows ever last more than 10 years, here. But, mostly I like them. One of the notable one that I like is “Tonight Show” in local channel. It is a two-hosts talk show with the format similar to the American ones. The hosts, Desta and Vincent are two long-time best friends, so their chemistry is solid. I also like the Saturday Night Live, though. But I like the old SNL where Bill Hader was still there. On its youtube channel I never get tired of watching the Dress Rehearsal season 38. Their breaking character always cracks me up.

4. Radio Morning Shows

When I was in high school and early university days, I love listening to a local radio station called Prambors. The morning host was a duo of Desta and Daging, which one of them is the host of “Tonight Show” that I mentioned above. Listening to them always cracks me up. I remember one time, streaming them from my friends’ handphone in class, I was laughing like crazy everyone was looking at me. My friends looked so confused, “why are you hysterical?” I didn’t know, it was just my craziness kicked in.

5. Funny videos

I think I remember writing that I could laugh at about anything somewhere in my post. Funny videos do that to me sometimes, too. I followed some rubbish account on Instagram just because their videos are brainless. Whenever I need a little lift me up, I would always look for those random weird videos.  Oh, I can’t help that I’m receh. [1]

[1] Indonesian way to express how low their joke standard is


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