Next Month’s Goal

Day 29 of 30: What are your goals for the next 30 days

I don’t plan for many goals for the next 30 days. Since, next month is the month of Ramadhan, I might be focus on preparing that. I have a feeling that I might need to adjust to new environment, too, though. Well, here they are:

  1. Prepare for Ramadhan. As a Muslim, Ramadhan is a special month that its coming we celebrate by fasting for the whole month. By the way, Ramadhan is a month name in Islamic lunar calendar. For this year, it falls between the middle of May to the middle of June.
  2. Reading 2 books, at the least. But I still haven’t planned what books I want to read.
  3. Bake a birthday cake for my mom, whose birthday is in mid-May.
  4. Make a progress for my writing project. Oh, I feel bad for this writing project that I keep on abandoning.

So, those are my goals. What are yours?


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