Day 16 of 30: something that you miss

*Before that, it’s the first post of the second half! Pheww…

I miss Snow.

Especially at times like this, when Jakarta is extremely hot. The sun shines so bright, sometimes looking at the window will get your eyes hurt. In my room, all my curtains are drawn on day time even though at night I don’t really open them, either. I feel like the kids from The Others.

Back then, when I got to see snow, I didn’t always like it. Sometimes I hate it, too, because freezing makes me cranky. It is unpleasantly hurt sometimes being in the cold. But I couldn’t argue how beautiful it was. I thought only tropical people like me who will get excited about snow. It turned out that almost everyone love snow, even the one who see it every year their whole life.

I don’t have many experience with snow. At that times, Glasgow didn’t snow much. It was freaking cold, but no snow, but so much hail. At first, I thought hail was snow and I was disappointed because it was hard like rocks that it made sound when it hit windows. Also, it felt so bad when it hit your face. Not to mention that it wasn’t as pretty as I imagined snow would be. But then I knew better.

I remember when I first saw snow in Glasgow. I was with my friends at school, we went outside and was like oh snow! (this time it was real snow). Raising out our hands up in the air trying to catch the snowflakes and when it melted on our hands we were like – ooh! ahh! But, the stupidity was, we walked out through an emergency door so it was automatically locked when shut. We knocked for some time, hoping that someone would hear us and rescue us. By that time, we started to feel the cold, because we left all our jackets and bags inside. But, worry not, we survived :P

So, this is what I miss about Snow. I miss how white and beautiful it was. I miss how it covered the earth like a blanket. I don’t miss when it melted and got all muddy and kind of gory, though. I miss how cold it was and how I hated freezing but at the same time couldn’t stop playing with it. I don’t miss all my wet coat and wet shoes and wet gloves that turned my hands stiff and froze my butt. I miss when I got inside and all warmed up with some hot cocoa by the window staring at the snow that fell from the sky and said to myself, “it snows!”


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