My Day

Day 15 of 30: Bullet-point you whole day

Sunday, 15 April 2018

  • 4.30: woke up
  • 4.50: drank protein shake
  • 5.00: watched youtube
  • 6.00: walked around the house
  • 6.30: fell asleep again
  • 8.00: woke up for the second time and chatted with my friends
  • 9.00: had a breakfast of watermelon and Pempek
  • 10.00: planned to get ready for my friend’s wedding but ended up on the internet
  • 11.00: (when the party supposedly started) showered and got dressed
  • 11.45: hit the road
  • 12.15: arrived at the wedding venue (running around like a crazy lady) and relieved that everyone hasn’t left
  • 13.30: out of wedding venue and went to a mall (with full make-up, which I haven’t done before)
  • 14.00: bought some soymilk and yogurt from Hypermart
  • 14.25: bought Domino’s pizza to take away
  • 14.45: headed home
  • 15.15: Ate pizza and watched a random Korean reality show
  • 15.45: snoozed a while
  • 16.45: too tired to open my laptop. I chatted with my friends instead
  • 17.45: brew some coffee. I then realized what was missing in my day: caffeine!
  • 18.45: felt too bloated from the pizza I juiced some pineapple and kale with lettuce
  • 19.00: watched NCIS: New Orleans Season 3, while trying hard to swallow the green elixir (I don’t have power blender, so that the leaves were not properly blend. I felt like drinking some grass juice) it was unpleasant but I felt better afterwards
  • 20.30: my family arrived from one-day trip from Cirebon, and I chatted with them
  • 21.00: wrote my blog posts
  • 23.00: posted my blog posts
  • 23.30: sleep (hopefully)


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