Four Seasons (4 of 4)

Winter (The Time)

This is the time for the strong to endure,
For the weak to be patient,
For the brave to fight,
For the coward to curse.

The time for us to strive,
For me to stand,
For you to leave,
And for gods to help me.

Glimmer in your eyes as your feet,
touched the ice.
What is it that you love the snow so much?
For snow, I loathe. And so winter.
Winter is cold.
Yet I am colder. You see?

How cruel that boy is,
Asking me to dream again?
After I bleed,
After the agony of losing hope.
Buried in the dark deep ocean,
Deafened and wounded.

He asked me,
That boy,
To endure it one more time.
One more time, he said,
To feel alive again

You’ve fought hard, is it now my time to fight hard?
You told me,
About the tale of the sun behind the clouds,
Of a light after dark.

As a daughter reunited with her mother,
Ice will melt and life will return, you said.
So will rays of sunshine and blooming daises, you said.
But not will you, I knew.

I survived the cold nights with last bits of you.
How should I stand and face,
The time;
The spring without you.


Dessy Farhany


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