Top 10 Songs

Day 7 of 30: List 10 songs that you’re loving right now Begin – Shallou, Wales –> Shallou’s beats and Wales’ vocal is bomb. Never get tired of this. Always a go-to when I’m in need of mood-booster. Takes My Body Higher – Shoffy, Lincoln Jesser Poison – Vaults –> Thick sounding drama, don’t you … More Top 10 Songs

Breathe (Song)

Another day. Just believe. Another day. Just breathe. I’m used to it by now. Breathe is a song by a French band called Telepopmusik. If you’re a 90s kid, you might know them. The song was launched in early 2000. I don’t know much about genre, but I am sure the song is somewhat techno. … More Breathe (Song)

Mercusuar (Song)

My friend suggested me to watch this mini webseries called “Sore” (which means afternoon, when the sky about to dusk). It was actually an advertisement for a diabetic sugar product but the storyline is quite unique. It was about a future wife who travelled to the past to find her younger-self husband in order to … More Mercusuar (Song)