What Do You See?

I saw a prisoner I saw a sinner Trapped under a frozen lake   I saw bottomlessness Of dark Unsolved maze   When wave was crashing down her feet I saw her sitting by the sand and drown Drenched in saltwater   I saw tears Reflected by the sunlight By the window pane   ‘What … More What Do You See?

Growing Old

What’s hidden beneath that wrinkly façade? The long hand of time, wrap around you so tight, Hiding everything that once stood on your surface. Most of it covered, unrecovered. Pose a riddle to be deciphered. It spins so fast in each blink you lose. It’s not worth fighting. The more you detach it you bruise. … More Growing Old


I’ll be the purple in your green When some people get so obscene I’ll be the red in your gray Just jump on bed and yell ‘hooray!’ I’ll be the orange in your brown Well, it doesn’t rhyme, but don’t frown Cause I’ll be the blue in your yellow And stay beside you when you’re … More Colors

Negeri di Atas Awan

It’s a recycled poem that I wrote in 2012. Mereka bilang ada negri diatas awan. Tempat para bidadari terbang dengan selendangnya  berkibar. Mengibas warna menghambur rona. Memesona perjaka muda yang hatinya dilanda duka kala rindu menggoda. Sang surya lelah mengantuk tergelincir, terduduk, jatuh dari ufuk. Sambil membungkuk memungut pendar hingga nanti lama-lama pudar. Terkikik, sang … More Negeri di Atas Awan


Maybe This is how it feels like Walking on thin ice Can’t pace too fast Can’t step too hard Can’t stop too long Cannot fall cannot slip cannot lose balance Cannot want to get there Cannot want to run there Cannot go forward can’t go back Cannot fight the sickening urge to flight Cause you’ll … More Maybe

The Door

Just say the word And I’ll leave I always picture my life inside there It was so clear, I almost thought it was real But I never get in Just keep on knocking and knocking and knocking on this door Your door You know I could wait here Outside For so long and much longer … More The Door


You always stop and look through me. But, I still remember the times When you stopped and looked at me. I wonder how things changed while I stayed the same. Guess, I was just never there. Dessy Farhany