Go to the place where the skies collide, they say. Look up and see the coloured clouds, green dancing ribbons in the sky. As the tale of the people from the past. You’ll see signs, they say. You’ll see magic, I say. Spirits of the forests travelled through the skies, from mountains to mountains, left … More Tale

So Screwed

I was loud               and true. Sang my heart out, Screamed my lungs out,               wasn’t an issue               careless, not a clue               happily, out of tune That was before I met you; the witch. Who took my voice;               which I heavily gave up,               despite all the noise,               of the don’ts … More So Screwed

Four Seasons (1 of 4)

Spring (Cherry Blossom Rain) She exists in the spring Under the red screen behind the black curtain She Exists And breathes The wandering wind that blows the dust Disappeared behind the leaves Under the pink rain of cherry blossom Giggling Whispering Singing Like the dawn of her life Unannounced Me Unmoving Stricken with fear that … More Four Seasons (1 of 4)


Setitik Air aku menunggu panas menguap menyapu habis rumput-rumput hijau menguning, mengering, layu aku termangu panas ini terlalu lama cucuran keringat pun habis sudah sedih hati namun, airmatapun tak tertitik langsung mengering, habis, bersama terik dahaga ini amat tak terbendung sungai-sungai menjadi lumpur sungguh, aku butuh setitik air –Dessy Farhany I found this piece of scribble … More Demam