About Narcisus

Sebenernya sih judulnya PLOROGUE dari salah satu buku tipis, compact, dan baguss menurut gw yang akhir-akhir ini baru gw baca. Judulnya THE ALCHEMIST by PAULO COELHO. Udah lama banget pengen baca ini buku, tapi hanyalah jadi wacana. Eh, malah pas lagi heboh ujian sempetnya… Heumpfh…  Entah kenapa menurut gw, prologue ini menarik. Silahkan menikmati: The … More About Narcisus


Yup, it’s for Gundala Putra Petir (Gundala, the Son of Thunder) very curious about this. A year ago I heard that the remake of Gundala Putra Petir will be launched around June 2009. It’s about two months away now and so far I haven’t heard any huge publication about it, such as teaser/trailer even posters. … More Gundala

Flaws and All

Don’t know what to post, actually. but, check this out! like it a lot, really wanna sing this song to someone whole heartedly. huhu.     I’m a train wreck in the morning I’m a bitch in the afternoon Every now and then without warning I can be really mean towards you I’m a puzzle … More Flaws and All

Hell No!

Sondre Lerche & Regina Spector – Hell No! I know I was out of line  you were way out of your mind  wrapped up in my reveries  causing all this misery  hear me out  if ever there’s a chance in heaven (or in hell)  to slowly forget the past and the bandage  be careful you … More Hell No!