The Return of Superman: Hollywood Version

Alert: It does not actually exist, it is just in my imagination. Yep, still I’m obsessed with the reality show ‘The Return of Superman’ because those kids, especially the triplets, are getting more and more adorable every time! The Triplets, The Twins, Sarang, Jion, and now The Five Kids! Since my encounter with ‘The Man … More The Return of Superman: Hollywood Version

U.N.C.L.E Crush

I am always fond of Guy Ritchie’s works. I think his works are so sarcastic and well… British. My favorites are Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and RocknRolla. Now, I have new favorite; The Man from U.N.C.L.E. For heads up, this movie is about an American spy; Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) and a Russian … More U.N.C.L.E Crush

Current Obsession

Current Obsession: Daehan Minguk Manse May I present to you my current obsession: Song triplets Daehan Minguk Manse!! Look at those adorable little munchkins!! Aaaakkk… I’m hysterical! Got me cuteness-overdosed every time I watch them! Those are their first appearance in the reality show The Return of Superman. I seriously don’t know where to start. … More Current Obsession

Becoming Jane

Alhamdulillah nge-post lagi. untuk post kali ini gw akui emang rada-rada hmm.. gimana ya bilangnya; ‘girly’. that’s the proper word I guess. agak cheesy juga mungkin sepertinya. soalnya disini akan ngebahas tentang pandangan gw terhadap sebuah film romansa yang sebenernya pernah gw tonton dulu. jadi… just, enjoy. Baru menonton kembali film ‘Becoming Jane’ keluaran tahun … More Becoming Jane


Hoppipolla… what the helll is that? well, at first I didn’t know it. But now I know! what I knew of hoppipolla is that this song appeared as the closing soundtrack of my favourite movie Penelope. The sound is very catchy. I really like it. And then I search more about this Hoppipolla song and … More Hoppipolla