Going to Mars

He got off of his shiny Bugatti and rushed into his mansion. Briskly, he skipped through the corridors. His crocodile leather shoe soles tapped the wooden floor announcing his presence. He passed the rooms and up the stairs of his Victorian style mansion, while briefly greeted his housemaids along his way. This mansion was once … More Going to Mars

The Deity in Tartan — The Book of Hangman

This is a short story, a fairy tale almost, about the Scottish people having their very own god, and the incredibly stereotypical things that He did for bonny Scotland. Written on the 9th May 2016. “The Deity in Tartan“ Made out of kelpie-grade haggis, the Alpha Scotsman was the physical embodiment of all that is […] … More The Deity in Tartan — The Book of Hangman

Foolish and Naive

I haven’t been writing a blog since ages. I really really miss writing, but on the other hand I am very very much lazy myself. I feel like I have been losing my writing ability bit by bit. I thought I was running out of topics but then I realize that I actually have got … More Foolish and Naive

First Post

Hai, Ini pertama kalinya gue nge-post di blog ketiga gue. Horaaayyy! 2 blog pendahulu dessyfarhany.wordpress.com sudah wasalam. Yang pertama di blogspot trus yang kedua di friendster. mereka berdua sudah tak terurus dan entah bagaimana nasib mereka sekarang. maaf ya, blog. semoga blog yang sekarang ini bisa bertahan. Amiiin.