Road Traffic And Jinx

I think living in an environment full with superstitious culture does not make me a superstitious person. At least I don’t think I am. I guess… People, especially elders, around me always tell me something superstitious such as not to sit in the doorway for that will cause you difficulties in finding a spouse, or … More Road Traffic And Jinx


Cancelled Plan

I love elephants. To go see elephants will always bring out the childish pleasure in me. There is something about them that attracts me. Probably, it’s their fluffiness and their intelligence that is kept underneath those layers of fat. But for me, just to be able to meet them and interact with them will make … More Cancelled Plan

Blasting Ramadan

  First of all, happy Ied everyone. I’ve been planning to post this since before Ied, but I was so stuffed that I could only manage to publish this post a few days after. With so many news about terror and bombing in the Muslim world, Ramadan this year literally blasts. The first one was … More Blasting Ramadan

Gadget Ramadhan

Kalau lihat orang sibuk sama handphone-nya di jalan itu biasa. Apalagi kalau sekarang lihat orang sibuk sama handphone-nya pas lagi ngumpul rame-rame juga udah nggak aneh. Tapi kalau lihat orang sibuk sama handphone-nya terus cekakak-cekikik rame-rame di masjid pas wirid sebelum solat teraweh sih… mungkin nggak aneh juga, tapi menurut gue nggak pantes deh. Duh! … More Gadget Ramadhan

Chasing Bananas

There is a story about an Old Man (which is actually my father) who chases Bananas (let’s assume it is banana to represent the value of what he actually pursued). One day the Old Man was planning to go Chasing 2 Bananas. The chances were rather slim, but he went chasing anyway. But then, on … More Chasing Bananas