My Country

Day 10 of 30: Write about something for which you feel strongly This is how I feel about Indonesia: I love it, but I hate it at the same time. I hate how we always brag about its natural resources. It is a God’s given gift (that we wasted irresponsibly), not like we earned it. … More My Country

Not Too Late

Day 9 of 30: Post some words of wisdom that speaks to you   “It is never too late to be what you might have been” – George Eliot.   This post is closely related to my previous post about my anxiety. So, whenever I feel that dark shadows of hopelessness creeps up on me … More Not Too Late

The Fig Tree

Day 8 of 30: Share something you struggle with I’m struggling with anxiety. Not the clinical one, though. I’m just lacking the chill pills. I worry a lot about my future, career-wise. I’m scared if I would never have a career or a job that I’m willing to pour my heart over without compromising anything. … More The Fig Tree

Top 10 Songs

Day 7 of 30: List 10 songs that you’re loving right now Begin – Shallou, Wales –> Shallou’s beats and Wales’ vocal is bomb. Never get tired of this. Always a go-to when I’m in need of mood-booster. Takes My Body Higher – Shoffy, Lincoln Jesser Poison – Vaults –> Thick sounding drama, don’t you … More Top 10 Songs

Ways to Win Heart

Day 6 of 30: Five ways to win your heart This is quite difficult because there is no apparent pattern from people who have won my heart. I assume this applies to boys in term of romantic approach. None of them possesses all 5 criteria, but either way, these are five traits that I found … More Ways to Win Heart


Day 5 of 30: List 5 places you want to visit. Recently, I have created a post about my travel bucket list. If I do it again, it’d be kind of redundant, wouldn’t it? But, in my previous post I only list 4 destinations which make it 1 point short. So, in this post I’m … More Tangkahan

Haruki Murakami

Day 4 of 30: Write about someone who inspires you There so many people that I think are cool, in a way that what they do is inspiring, from many walks of life. Be it from people of literature, environmentalist, entrepreneur, scientist/researcher, or even artists such as the Elon Musk, that I admire so much, … More Haruki Murakami

Pet Peeves

Day 3 of 30: What are you top three pet peeves 1. The preacher Don’t we all annoyed by “the preacher”? especially the one who always comments on how we’re doing and quote some textbook life ethics, or worse in my case, some verses from holy book as if their life is the perfect example … More Pet Peeves


Day 2 of 30: Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot “you’re a genuine person.” That was a first and the only time that someone told me about myself. Haha. I was glad that someone ever said that to me. Flattered, even. Even though, my friends often indirectly told me … More Genuine