The 30th!

Day 30 of 30: Your highs and lows for the month

First of all, Yeaay! I made it to 30 days.

The theme for the closing of the challenge is the highs and lows for the month, which in my opinion, is only fair.

I think there isn’t any notable low moment this April, which is very good. I am actually very grateful this April because most of the time I feel charged. There was an unpleasant news, too, but that was okay.

1. Reconnect with my friends

This is the theme that I’m grateful for this month. I was able to reconnect with my old friends. I haven’t talked to them in a while and we had an impromptu meet-up where we ended up talking about a lot of things. I forget how we used to talk empty at almost anything. We were talking about Korean Drama, which we never actually did when we were still working together. I was happy that we could talk about the present as fun as we reminisced about the past. But to be honest I was scared at the thought of the meet-up, at first. I was feeling so insecure that I don’t want any of my old friends see me. I was almost cancelling every meet-up invitation that came my way. It turned out that I needed the opposite. I needed to be out and meet people. I think, I am (almost) ready to get in touch with my other old friends again.

2. Trip to a doctor

I have been cancelling my trip to the doctor due to laziness issue. I really hate going to the doctors just because I’m bored of have dealing with hospitals for these past three years. These three years have been a non-stop hospital visits and I just got so extra bored with it. But anyway, thank God I went to the doctor for my own check-up. I was diagnosed with PCOS which I explained in a few post before this. But, I feel relieved that I decided to drag my butt-dum to the hospital for that.

3. Some good news

Well, it might be good news about a job but I need to follow up for this. I am currently working on the follow-up and hope there wouldn’t be a problem.

4. 30 Days Writing Challenge

I finished it! I have to admit that daily blogging is quite exhausting, but I am glad I did it. It is a great challenge for a little pick up of motivation, when you feel like nothing is ever progressing. I’m going to miss it, though. I will now have to plan what to post on my own, again. Hmm… what I am going to post in the next months?



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