You Are My Poetry

Day 25 of 30: Think of any word. Search it on google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.

I have to admit that I am cheating for this post. I think of a word ‘Palace’ and images of palaces came up before me. I couldn’t write anything inspired by it, but I remember I wrote a poem that is sort of in the same vibe. And I chose to post that instead. Well…

You Are My Poetry


When sleepless nights turn to coffee mornings

Messy sheets turn to mismatched socks

Empty slumps turn to blank strolls

Headaches to another headaches


When 12 princesses sneak out in the middle of the night,

Riding boats across the lake,

For a dance.

I wander with them.


Their worn out shoe soles

My drained out self

Exhausted without a rest

From secrets you kept

Under the silver, gold, diamond trees

Dug up, unearthed. Refuse to be unseen.


Their feet sore and my heart broke

They long for sensations and I for answers

On a piece of paper circling the mountain

Left my pen dry

Tossed under the curtain


And the words were all you

Were all about you


For you are my poetry

That I wrote with Ink

Smeared with tears


image of The Grand Kremlin from link


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