Single Data Storage System

Day 24 of 30: Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way

It happened when I was working on my undergraduate final project. I was working on the topic of Brain-Computer Interface, where I need to develop an interface to detect the performance of brainwaves.

Prior to that, I collected so many literature review, databases, and developed some source code for the interface. I pour my energy towards that project, which drained me so much. (Because I hated the subject and I just wanted to graduate.)

But, the stupidity was, I kept it all in my laptop. I think from this point, you could imagine how the story is going. Well, yeah, 2 months prior to my defense, my laptop was stolen. Misery. I remember the episodes of crying, my head turning blank, and giving up for the next few months. Well, I missed the chance of that graduation, because I couldn’t go with my defense in two months-time from scratch. But, I did it the next period. I was late, but I made it out. Thank God that has passed.

So, what’s the lesson? Never put your important files in one storage system!


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