Becoming Jane, Part 2

Day 14 of 30: Post your favorite movie that you never get tired of watching

I am a Ghibli-fan and most of the movies that I never get tired of watching are Ghiblis. But just recently, I have made a special post about that. Apart from Ghibli’s, there is other movies that I never get tired of watching.

DISCLAIMER: spoiler alert

Becoming Jane

I have made a post about this movie, too, actually. A very long time ago, back in 2009 (hence the part 2). But it was in Bahasa Indonesia, so consider this the compressed translated version.

This movie is about Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) and her star crossed lover, Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy). It started as an unlikely pair, both did not show any interest towards each other. They were the complete opposite that Jane was a serious person, idealist, has her own standard and follows the rule. While, Tom was an easygoing person, charming, seems to be shallow, likes to have fun and basically a mischief. But one thing they had in common: each don’t belong in their world. Jane believed that marriage’s aim is not to secure for future provisions but for love, even when the society (and her mother) told her otherwise. Tom didn’t like being under his ‘lunatic’ uncle, but that was the only way that he could provide for his poor family.

When the two met, they despised each other. They already developed their own prejudice, but through time the got to know each other, they realized that they have more in common than they thought. Tom ‘widened’ Jane’s horizon that then helped her as an author and Jane showed him about love. Just like Romeo and Juliet, both family were not so keen on their prospect of marriage. Jane’s mother thought that Tom was not ‘well-off’ enough and Tom’s uncle thought that Jane was a gold-digger (because someone has accused Jane of that to Tom’s uncle). No wedding bell rang for them, they decided to elope. But, guess what, they did not!

When they were on their way, they talked about the consequences of eloping such as Tom’s uncle financial support for his whole family (in which there are many) will be cut off. Tom will lose his place in law school and have to support his big poor family and Jane on his own. It will be hard and it will be hard on their love, too. Will they be happy when that happened? Jane wouldn’t want to be the cause of this, which I think is very rational. I respect that. For me, rational always have to come before feelings, not the other way around. And not many people can do that. I think that what love really is. Sometimes love is sacrifice. I don’t deny that I cried buckets watching that. All the what-could-have-been if that particular person did not accuse Jane falsely. Ugh! That really making me mad.

The casts were amazing. Jane and Tom’s chemistry was very believable. I like how Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy portrayed each characters. Anne Hathaway was full of emotions and demonstrated how strong-willed but caring Jane, while James McAvoy, always with his knee-wobbler smirk, made the cheeky Tom Lefroy character came to life. The story escalation was smooth, too. I think, I like it because it is about a writer, one of the things that motivates me to write. And I also like the little details in their dialogue about books. Maybe I like it because Jane was misunderstood and she tried so hard to make her point, which in the end she did (painfully but successfully); enormous strength and perseverance were demonstrated in here. Basically, watching the movie makes me feel sad but strong but hopeful at the same time.

My favorite line is when a Countess (Maggie Smith), whose nephew was in love with Jane saw Jane writing, she asked her nephew, “What is she doing?” and her nephew answered, “writing.”

“Can anything be done about it?” she asked again in worried tone (Maggie Smith’s style).

Well, at this point, I don’t think there is.


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