Star Wars Run 2018

Day 13 of 30: What are you excited about?

I am excited about Star Wars Run 2018!

It is Star Wars and I have never been in a run before. So, it will be my first experience. I have been planning to join a run for a while, but there is always something on the way. I hope this time will turn out great and will be a great experience for me.

It will be held in Singapore on May the 5th. May the 4th will be on Wednesday, I guess that is too far from weekend. But there will be a festival on May the 4th, but I will not attend, though. Scheduling reason. The run will be divided into 3 main categories, the 10k, 5.4k (because May the 4th) and 540m for kids. What’s interesting is that each category will be divided into two sections, the Light Side and the Dark Side. The Run Packs are different for each categories and each Side, oh the track will be different, too. I wonder which one will have more runners, the Light Side or the Dark Side. Since, I’m a devoted Darth Vader follower, so I opt for the Dark Side. Besides, I think that the Dark Side Run Pack is cooler (it’s red, while the light side is blue). I chose the 5.4k category, because I don’t think I will survive the 10k (I haven’t been physically active for a while, so I’m not that confident). I suppose that I will make it to 10k alright, but I don’t think the after effect will be pleasant. Lol.

Some of my friends, which I haven’t seen for quite some time, will be coming, too. And they are also Star Wars fans like me. I imagine that it will be cool since I get to meet my friend and run! I really really hope that there will be nothing on the way, because I’m really looking forward to this.

Wish me luck!


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