Day 12 of 30: write about 5 blessings in your life

1. Family

My family is crazy, each and every one of them (including me). I love them so much because of it. family could be difficult sometimes, I had that moments when my family is my last resort for peace. But through time, we all learn to live together, to have peace with ourselves and accept us for who we are. Maybe that’s why Life put some people together in non-optional bond so that we can learn from each other, not just about each other but about ourselves, too. They could give me headache sometimes, from time to time. But, I know they will be there for me no matter what. They are my home.

2. Health

An easily overlooked blessing. On my tissue paper scattered desk, I am writing this item with such gratefulness. I have been under the weather lately that it is annoying to do daily activities. I really wish for my health back and in general I am blessed with a healthy not so problematic body. I lack of physical exercise lately, but I promise after this flu goes away, I will be back on track. I’ll show so much love to my heart, my lungs, and other organs that has been doing such a great job for me.

3. Life Condition

I am grateful to live in very decent environment. I and my brothers have never been poor, even though my parents experienced some kind of poverty in their life. We live in a decently sized and conditions home. We had financial problems here and there but there has been nothing major. I live in a safe environment where kids can go out at night and will stay intact at home. Basically I can sleep easily. What more can I say.

4. Access to education

This one that I am very grateful for, access to education. I have graduated my master degree and I feel very blessed. Because from that I could see more of the world. I became less vain and have a clearer picture of life is about. In here, people see education as an investment. Even though I second that, because I think education is somewhat an investment, I still feel pressured that I haven’t returned the favor. In a way that my education hasn’t benefited anyone.

5. Friends

Last but not least. Friend is an optional family member. You can choose your friends, that’s why it’s special. I am grateful that I am surrounded by great loving people. I am granted with loving and extraordinary friends, people that I could really call friends. People that I can turn to whenever, people that I always could count on, who is always there through thick and thin. The ones who could accept me and all my demons. They’re inspiring, they’re encouraging, they’re fun and crazy, too. Haha. I don’t know what I’d do without them.


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