My Country

Day 10 of 30: Write about something for which you feel strongly

This is how I feel about Indonesia:

I love it, but I hate it at the same time.

I hate how we always brag about its natural resources. It is a God’s given gift (that we wasted irresponsibly), not like we earned it.

I hate how so many barbaric domestic tourists destroy our beautiful spot for the sake of selfie.

I hate how badly we treat our environments; our forests, oceans, mountains.

I hate how hoax could easily flourish as if it were fact.

I hate how we are one of the internet biggest users and sometimes have bad reputation for initiating cyber-fight.

I hate that shameless corruption is still a thing (oh, don’t even start on that).

I hate how we could be naïve and vain at the same time.

I hate how we love foreign product way more than the local one.

I hate that we don’t appreciate our history and language more than we should.

But, I love that we also have many cool people like BJ Habibi, Tex Saverio, Susi Susanti, Sri Mulyani, Eka Kurniawan, and so on.

I love how beautiful our nature is and I am very grateful for that.

I love that we have orangutans and elephants, which I like.

I love that all 5 main islands in Indonesia have totally different cultures.

I love every traditional dresses and fabric prints. We, Indonesian, love our Batik.

I love how there are so many cool and weird traditions that most of them I don’t know of. One that I know is from Toraja, where the people there, due to some condition, live with their dead.

I love how adventurous we are with food. Never running out of food ideas. It’s almost like a foodie paradise.

I love our coffee!

I love that we are trying to rise again and I am hopeful.

I love that it’s home :)


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