Ways to Win Heart

Day 6 of 30: Five ways to win your heart

This is quite difficult because there is no apparent pattern from people who have won my heart. I assume this applies to boys in term of romantic approach. None of them possesses all 5 criteria, but either way, these are five traits that I found interesting. I also think that this is some kind of generic list so that it will apply to most people (or women)

1. Good with children and elders

Protective figure and mild leadership figure (not so much, because I think I’m kinda dominant myself) is attractive to me. Especially when they are respectful towards the more vulnerable groups like children and elders. My knees weak when I see a guy is acting warm towards children or elders and be patient in their unbelievably difficult behavior. So, whenever I see someone who shows that trait, his score could rise up to almost 50% in my eyes. That kind of sight always warms my heart.

2. Attentive

This is a ‘girly’ thing to do. Us girls are usually more gifted with detailed operations. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim myself as feminist but I believe that I have been doing a good job for being neutral so far). That’s why when a guy possesses it, then it is special, because he pays attention. I like it when people that I like remembering some random detail about me. Like, when a guy points to me, “you don’t like spicy food, right?” I feel appreciated.

3. Speak up his mind

Speak my mind is not an easy thing for me. I have to it learn the hard way. I have lost so many things by not speaking up my mind. And I thought, since I have been through all that fuss to finally be able to speak up, I don’t want a guy showing the same trait as I did. Whenever this phrase is spoken, “too bad, he’s actually into you, but he just never showed it.” my mind would automatically reply, “Well, too bad. I’m not worthy enough for him to jump that leap.”

4. Have dream or passion

Passionate people inspire me. People with dreams and passions are attractive to me. Maybe that makes me seem like, I am attracted to geeks (which most of the time I am). I just love seeing people immerse in what they do, in things they love. As simple as, devotion towards a field he’s interested in, be it automotive, aviation, figure collections, or in his career when he is passionate to be a better person and professional, or maybe he might have dream to build something. Basically, I like learner (not the show-off-er). you can have great conversations with learners and I love great conversations.

5. Humor factor

This is a typical guy’s must-have criteria, isn’t it? but we can’t help it, because laughter is comfort. I am so happy if I can laugh comfortably with someone. I can be funny sometimes. My jokes are mostly bad but at least people laugh (out of pitty probably). So, someone that can take the same level of joke and can laugh together is definitely a comfort figure. I would love to be around those person, be it in friendly manner or a little way over friendly. And it applies for both sexes, since I could feel terribly awkward with some group that I can’t share jokes with. If I can have deep interesting conversation as well as comfortably laughing my head off with a person, then it means he’s definitely a keeper. I’m gonna keep him as long as I could.


It’s funny that an avid reader doesn’t make the list, even though I consider myself a reader. Probably is the sixth, but I still think of it as an attractive traits. But all of this list is just me blabbering. What do I know about winning hearts anyway? even if it’s my own.

Oh, this post is a day late, by the way. I’m out of town and was having connection problem all day.




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