Day 5 of 30: List 5 places you want to visit.

Recently, I have created a post about my travel bucket list. If I do it again, it’d be kind of redundant, wouldn’t it? But, in my previous post I only list 4 destinations which make it 1 point short. So, in this post I’m going to describe about the fifth destination, which is Tangkahan!

But, first… recap:

1. Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem

2. Nepal and Bhutan

3. Greece (Crete and Santorini)

4. The Trans-Siberian railways

5. Tangkahan

A local destination, located in North Sumatera, west of Indonesia. It’s actually only 2-hours flight and additional 2-hours drive from where I live. But, until now, I haven’t got a chance to visit.

The main reason that I want to go to Tangkahan is elephants. Yes, I love elephants! I have been to Way Kambas National Park before. It is a national park that protects endangered Sumatran elephants, located in Lampung, Indonesia. It was a great place to see and play with elephants. I enjoy it a lot, I befriend one of the rangers and also have a favorite elephant, whose name is Yeti. She was an orphaned baby elephant who was caught in the snare set by poachers. I bet she has grown so huge by now. I hope she’s doing great. By the way, she is allergic to cow’s milk, so the caretaker gave her soymilk, instead.

Different from Way Kambas, Tangkahan is not a formal conservation facility that is run by the government. Tangkahan ecotourism was first pioneered by the local people in order to tackle illegal logging and poaching. I assume the vibe will be less academic, if you get what I mean. Their main attraction is elephant trekking, where the tourists ride elephants through the jungle all day and bath them in the river. That sounds sooo fun, doesn’t it? Since it has established itself as a notable travel destination, many lodgings and accommodations have been set up around the area. The transport from the main city, Medan, is getting easier and easier, too.

Tangkahan is on the rise, right now. A few years ago, ecotourism in North Sumatra were dominated by Taman Lawang, where people can see Orangutans, and Lake Toba. Maybe, because Leonardo DiCaprio was there. I don’t know. But, those destinations are cool, too.

You can find many information about Tangkahan here. Anyone packing their bags?


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