Pet Peeves

Day 3 of 30: What are you top three pet peeves

1. The preacher

Don’t we all annoyed by “the preacher”? especially the one who always comments on how we’re doing and quote some textbook life ethics, or worse in my case, some verses from holy book as if their life is the perfect example of human species? I don’t think I need to explain further. Discussing about it could heat up the Earth and melt the ice caps. This kind of people spreads massively on TV and in real life. Thank God, only some of them cross path with me.

Example of the preacher on steroid: Trump.

2. The selfie-traveler

I do take selfies on my trip, but sometimes people are just too concern about their face being on the picture than the travel itself that they took selfies more than breathing. A certain age group shows that symptoms. Even some people my age group do, as well. Thank God most of my friends are not that way. When somehow, I got stuck in a trip with people like that, I sometimes pretended not to hear them and walked away as far as I could. Lol. I don’t think that they appreciate the travel itself, the object, the story and the beauty of the place. I mean, please, why do you travel anyway? So that people know you’ve been there?

Many people from group tours do that. They take picture on the same object in every pose known to mankind. Once I was in Dieng, I wanted to take picture with an eagle and had to wait for a family taking picture with that eagle, one by one, in every pose. I was waiting for this youngster who had the eagle placed on her wrist, on her other wrist, on her shoulder, on her other shoulder, on the cage when she was standing on the left and when she was standing on the right side! I mean come on! And suddenly, when I thought it was over, her mother who devotedly encouraged her, said to her, “now take picture with your hair let down.” And started to tend the girl’s hair. Dear God! I decided to leave after that.

3. Indonesian family who speaks English even though they live in Indonesia

So this is the new trend in Jakarta. I hear a lot of Indonesian family (I mean, Indonesian dad and mum, and of course children) speaks English to communicate. It’s not just that, their English are all over the place. I mean, if you want to speak English, speak English! Not the English mix with Indonesian in one friggin’ sentence.

So, speaking English is cool in here. Maybe most people want to look cool by speaking somewhat-English. My little cousin’s family do that. They teach their young toddler English, but mix with Indonesian because apparently the parents could not speak English properly. Maybe, I sound like I think that my English is perfect. No, I am not, but I know that my English is proper enough not to annoy anybody. I prefer people with broken English try to learn to speak it properly rather than people with bad English speaking it like they own it and think that by doing that they look great, because Indonesian is so lame. Pfft!

Let me demonstrate how the conversation goes between me and the parents and the toddler.

Me to toddler: *pointing at some object* “ini warna apa?” (means: what color is this?)

Toddler: hmmm

Me to toddler: “kuning, ya?” (means: is it yellow?)

Toddler: *follow after me* “warna kuning.” (means: the color yellow)

Parents to toddler (and to me, as well): “yellow, dong. Bukan kuning!” (means: it’s yellow. Not kuning.) *they look at me like I was teaching their kid some kind of black magic.*

Toddler: “warna yellow.” (means: ‘the color yellow.’ In mixed language)

Me to myself: *sigh* patience, self.

What’s wrong with “Kuning”? I was asking in Indonesian, anyway. That doesn’t make your child excellent in English when you teach them like that (I think). I hate it when Indonesian people disrespect Indonesian language. Indonesian language is cool, too!


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