Day 2 of 30: Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

“you’re a genuine person.”

That was a first and the only time that someone told me about myself. Haha. I was glad that someone ever said that to me. Flattered, even. Even though, my friends often indirectly told me that like, “she looks fake, unlike you.” Or, “you’re straightforward and don’t wear masks.” Or anything as such. It was still unforgettable.

I hid myself a lot when I was younger. I tried my best to blend in by discarding who I was so people can like me. I wasn’t very comfortable open up or being carefree in front of people. But when I am able to do that, I feel happy. I feel like I own myself. I can accept that I am weird and my weird is good, because it’s me. Also, it doesn’t harm anyone else.

I like to keep it that way, though. I always try to be as real as I can, so what people see in me is the real me, not a made-up me that I want people to see. Besides, I hate fake people. I don’t like people trying so hard to maintain an image so that they seem like a certain someone else. Maybe that’s why I hate politicians.

By the way, the one who said it was a classmate of mine in my graduate study on the first day we met. I hope he’s doing great now.


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