A short conversation that I was having with my friend.

Me: OMG I need a facelift

Her: Why?

People call me Ibu!!!

(Ibu: a reference to older woman in Bahasa Indonesia. Which can also be translated as Mother)

lol, people call me ibu, too

I think it’s the age thing


(Referring to the age thing) What’s that? Never heard of that

well, it’s that disease

that makes your skin loose and your metabolism going crazy

it’s terrible

My God. Sounds horrible.

Is there a cure?

There are a few things to slow down the symptoms

but no cure :(

and it’s highly contagious

almost 90% of people after 30 get it


Sounds horrible

And I’m almost 30

Yeah, you better watch out

I thought after 30 most people get married

Not get that age thing

Well, it’s a horrible world


I realize that we just can’t help being an organic matter. We’re so radioactive.


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