Bad Habit: Nail-biting!

nail biting

It’s still January, I guess the theme still circles around new beginnings and plans and basically trying to be our better selves. So regarding that, I consider a new resolution for myself: fighting my bad habit!

I have a very stubborn bad habit that always comes back time and time again. Yes, it is nail-biting. I have developed the habit since a very young age, around 8, I suppose. Since then, my nails and all the cuticles around them looks hideous.

I realize that my nail-biting activity frenzies when I’m caught in deep concentration mode. That’s when I am working or thinking of some plan, well basically when my mind is occupied with thoughts. But when I am at chill mode, I tend to leave my fingers off of my mouth. Maybe my body has unconciously regarded that biting my nails will increase my brain productivity. Well, some people acquire ideas from pondering over nature or releasing themselves in the toilet, while I do from chewing off my cuticles.

I have to admit that this habit of mine has reached to a level where bleeding is common. I bite my nails until they are too short and bleed. And  I even, chew the skin around them until it peels off and bleed. Bloodstains are no stranger to my clothes. And as I am writing this, I realize how creepy that sounds. Lol

But my nails have seen good days, too. Worry not. So at least I know what my fingers will look like if they have unbitten healthy complete nails. They look like normal hands which I missed these days. Huff… I want my normal-looking hands back.

I want to show the picture of my nails, but I feel so embarassed to do it. Maybe for a before-after comparison picture in the (near, I hope) future, when I can show off my healed hands.

So, here’s the plan. I have been reading about how to stop nail-biting habits and all the suggestion is basically to put something on your nails that will prevent you from chewing them off, like nail polish, bitter potions, or gloves. As for other option as hypnotherapy will not be considered, since I am too lazy to go out and seek help elsewhere. Lol.

I’ve tried nail polish before, and it worked (kinda). But I could not wear nail polish for a long period of time because of religious contraint (It will be long to explain so I decided to leave it out, but should you need the explanation you could contact me personally). Moreover, the nail polish does not cover the cuticles, so the less I chew the nails, the more I savage the cuticles.

Bitter potion will not work either, because it seems troublesome. And Asians like me, eat with their hands sometimes. Also, what if the potions stain all over the place? So, not a viable option.

Then, it leads to gloves. I can imagine the discomfort that I might gain from wearing gloves whenever I’m on my laptop. It’s going to be hot and bulky for typing. But there are medical gloves, doctors use it to perform difficult task. So, typing or writing with medical gloves should just be a piece of cake, right?

Anyway, I opt for the medical gloves. I will see how it will go in the next few weeks. Will my hands look normal again and will I kick the habit for good. Any other tips for tackling bad habit? or any success (of fail) story? Please, let me know.

I will post about my results in a few weeks (or months :P)

And again. Wish me luck!


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