Road Traffic And Jinx

I think living in an environment full with superstitious culture does not make me a superstitious person. At least I don’t think I am. I guess…

People, especially elders, around me always tell me something superstitious such as not to sit in the doorway for that will cause you difficulties in finding a spouse, or make sure that the floor is cleaned thoroughly while sweeping  otherwise you’ll get a dirty bearded husband, or not to take pictures in three or not to sharpen your pencil too short or etc etc. I take those as a fun supplement, something that could be entertaining but not to be taken seriously. But when elders told me to, I would do it just in front of them, just to make them happy.

But there is one superstitious thing that I don’t exactly believe but I still hold on to it. It is something related to road traffic. We, Jakartans, have this love-hate relationship with road traffic. We hate it so much but we can’t help it that it happens ALL THE TIME! Our city has the worst traffic ever. Guess the expression is slowly turning into fact. (Don’t jinx it!)

So, when I used to travel with my grandfather by car, he used to scold us whenever we were talking about the traffic, like, ‘oh, the traffic wasn’t so bad I guess.’ The, he would instantly countered us, ‘shhh! Don’t mention it!’ And guess what? Whenever we did that, the traffic got worse and I would regret mentioning it! My grandfather was right every time, it was so creepy that it imprinted in my head. So now, whenever I drive somewhere and my travel buddy comments about the traffic, I would immediately warn them; ‘Don’t Jinx it!’ No more mentioning about traffic. Because you know, when you comment about it, it’s like a call to bad traffic to come. So, DON’T JINX IT, guys. If you have a good decent traffic just silently be thankful and mention not about it.

I know it’s not a real thing, but I just can’t help it. I am hardwired.


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