Cancelled Plan

I love elephants. To go see elephants will always bring out the childish pleasure in me. There is something about them that attracts me. Probably, it’s their fluffiness and their intelligence that is kept underneath those layers of fat. But for me, just to be able to meet them and interact with them will make me ecstatic.

Last Easter holiday, I planned to visit the Elephant conservatory in Way Kambas, Lampung. I have been there three times and can never get enough of it. But, one thing led to another, the plan was cancelled. The last time, I went there was in 2013, which is almost 4 years ago. And after I came back from studying abroad in 2015, I have always planned to go there but the plans never meet their fruition. The last week plan was the most solid plan that I had, and the fact that it was also cancelled was quite upsetting. It was inevitable, though, but still I couldn’t help feeling bummed.

I had already pictured how it would be. I got to meet those baby elephants which are no longer babies anymore. Like, an orphaned elephant that I met the last time, named Yeti. She was a few months old when I met her, and now she must have been 4 years old. I wonder how big she has grown. And also another babies like Sugeng and Kelud, they must have been cheeky toddlers by now. I also remember the nice female elephant who smiles a lot named Karmila and the old lady who never get close to anyone named, Dona. As well as the naughty boys who always fight for bananas. Oh, how I miss them… and all the other elephant family members. I bet there are some new additional members that I have lost track. I love how they all have their own stories, not much different than observing people.

Anyway, it wasn’t meant to be. Hopefully, there will be another chance. Hopefully. Hopefully. But, my holiday wasn’t bad, though. I and my little brother cooked some steak with great butter sauce. So, it was well spent.

Processed with VSCO with acg preset
That’s my little brother cooking.

Even though, I still imagined posting tons of elephant pictures to all of my social media platforms and here. Writing a post about how it went seeing those elephants again and whether they still remember me. I’ll save it for next time.

Well then, I am just going to post the elephant pictures from years ago from my Instagram page as nostalgia. But the pixels are breaking because I didn’t have a good camera phone back then.


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