Blasting Ramadan


Ramadan 2016
Ramadan Kareem

First of all, happy Ied everyone. I’ve been planning to post this since before Ied, but I was so stuffed that I could only manage to publish this post a few days after.

With so many news about terror and bombing in the Muslim world, Ramadan this year literally blasts. The first one was the Ataturk Istanbul Airport bombing. I (and maybe the other civilians like me) thought that it was going to be the only bombing incident. But I was wrong. Big time. Because there were several others. SEVERAL. There weren’t ‘just’ two bombing incidents, there were AT LEAST four! In the last ten days of Ramadan. ‘At least’ because I heard more than just Istanbul, Baghdad, Dhaka and Qatif and Medina. Not to mention, the fatalities put together? Istanbul accident costs around 40 lives, Baghdad around 250. I don’t exactly get the number of fatalities in other ‘blasted’ areas, but you get the picture, right? It’s not… healthy.

When someone asks you: ‘hey, have you heard about this recent bombing incident?’ and you replied with: ‘which one?’ it indicates that something is not quite in place. Anyway, I don’t write to discuss about the bad guy here. Even though that would be a very interesting topic, with the conspiracy theory, et cetera. But, no, I would not go there too far.

In my entire experience with Ramadan, I have never experienced something quite like this. The last ten days for me, were honestly filled with mixed emotions. At first I was so sad. I have never felt so blue over things that don’t happen directly around me before, but these were too much. Then the sadness turned to anger, and it took its toll in Medina bombing. When I heard about Medina bombing, I was so furious. Medina is one of the holy in cities for Muslim (I haven’t been there L). Whoever dares to mess with even just the gate has such huge balls! Huge, stupid, deranged, damned balls (sorry for the words).  But, this helpless being couldn’t do anything except venting it out on social media and some friends.

I can’t even begin to imagine how the victims’ family getting through Ied. I got goosebumps, thinking about it. How I hate that the terrorizing party is always affiliated with ‘Islamic’ organization and have the word ‘Islam’ on their name. They really really really should erase the word ‘Islam’ on their official name. They don’t deserve it. Sigh.

I guess, ‘Happy Ied’ would not be relevant for everyone. Even so, I could only wish the people Allah’s abundance blessings. And as for the parting victim, I could only wish them Jannah- that they can forever live in happiness. ‘Indeed we belong to Allah, and to Him we shall return’. I hope next Ramadan will be much better for everyone and we’re still around to experience it.



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