A Date at a Museum

Natural History Museum Aug 2011
Dinosaur Hall at Natural History Museum

Finally he asked her out on a date. It was quite late at night, and she had just finished her night shift at the restaurant. Although she thought that it was rather late for a date, 10 p.m., she didn’t mind, because he told her that he wanted to take her to somewhere special.

The place was special indeed, but not to mention closed for public. Thankfully, he was not an ordinary ‘public’, he had friends there; friends which means that someone that he paid off earlier. It was a museum, a Jurassic Museum. When she found out about this, she was ecstatic. It was like a dream comes true, to have a whole museum for herself (and him).

She hopped from one exhibits to another, thrillingly. At one diorama she could stare for minutes and was totally immersed by the sight, but sometimes, at the other, she would just casually pass it. Occasionally, she made him had to chase her like a kid chasing a bunny. Not necessarily something that he disliked. On the contrary, he quite enjoyed it somehow.

“Hey wait!” he shouted when he realized that she has moved again somewhere, without him noticing.

She froze in an instant from her run, like she suddenly realized something. She turned her back to face him. In a few second he caught up with her. The lights were dimmed, they could not see each other’s face clearly, but enough for him to catch a little concern on her facial expression. “What happened?” he asked.

She put her index finger on her lip and shushed him. “I think it’s time for us to whisper.” she whispered.

Puzzled, he asked “Why?”

“We’ll wake the dinosaur if we’re too loud.” Explained her. How innocent she looked made him unbelievably dazed.

“What?” he did not seem to believe what he had just heard. But he lowered his voice anyway.

“You know, ‘the Night at the Museum’ kind of thing.” She answered.

Well? He asked with his gestures.

“Well, I don’t mind actually.” She continued, “But right now, I’m just not ready for that kind of running.” She grinned and looked at her heels she wore especially for the date.

He just could not help but smile.


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