My Political Compass

mahatma ghandi
Mahatma Ghandi

I was not really into politics, actually. But the more frequent I heard remarks about the left or the right wing the more curious it made me. I started to wonder what my political view is and whether I belong to the left or the the right wing.

What are exactly the left and the right wings, anyway?! I did a little bit of surf and then I found the generalized principle of left and right wings (Yey!). To simplify, left is more a ‘liberalist’ and right is more ‘tradionalist’. If I were to evaluate myself, I’d definitely say that I am a left wing.

However, due to my unquenched interest, I looked for and took a test on-line to further assess my political view. Then, that brought me to this link political compass test and I took painstakingly (but kind of interesting) SIX pages of tests! The questions in each test were about our views in general, in economy, and in social aspects to map left/right scale and authoritarian/libertarian scale. I felt like every aspects were thoroughly scrutinized and the result was quite, how should I say it, close.

In left/right scale, I am halfway to the left with -5.0 index and in authoritarian/libertarian scale, I am quite neutral with a slight tendency to libertarian with -2.21 index. So, I’m kind of ‘liberal leftist’.

political compass
My political compass result


and guess what, my view is similar to Mahatma Ghandi! Well yea, I kinda believe in supreme value of each individual and peace for everybody like ‘jai guru Deva, om‘ (then started humming ‘across the universe’ from the beatles). Lol, just kidding, I thought I am way more savage than that.

political compass 2
Political chart


Anyway, this site is quite entertaining for politically blind and curious people like me. Moreover, there are explanations about other ‘ism‘ on that site, too. Should definitely try this.


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